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(4th June 2015) from the thread...
So to start off, here are the cars that will have the v6 tires for 2015 S3:
Aston DBR9,
Ford GT GT3 and GT2,
McLaren MP4-12C,
Ruf Track, AWD and RWD
Cadillac CTSVR,

Have you guys at iracing updated the sounds engine? The downshift and overrun noises sound better. No new sound engine.

Day and Night transition in this build? Day and Night transitions are due after DX11 is implemented.

Why was RUF Cup fixed? Tony explained in the forums why the RUF Cup is fixed, we'll keep an open mind to bring back OPEN in the future.

Any graphical changes this build? Yes on graphical changes, switching to a new lighting system, debuting with the Aston Martin, new Legends, and the Corvette so far. It’s a physical based rendering system.

Why release the GT1 Aston first? We released the GT1 Aston first because the Corvette is quite lonely by itself.
Is graphics even a top priority? Graphics is definitely a priority, currently working on how physics affects graphics, aka the physical-based rendering system. Also working on a new particle system.

What changes are made to the V6 Tire Model? New V6 Tire Model changes: driveability, tire degradation, and vehicle response.

I would like to know if the future of iRacing is to please the masses of gamers... Or if it's to create the most realistic and immersive form of racing. So many companies are making moves in their development to ensure they are reaching the masses, They have become more worried about the money than creating their original goal. My fear is that iRacing may cater to the masses rather than creating year after year, a more REALISTIC and IMMERSIVE racing experience... Many can't afford a race car and all that is involved , and iRacing is the next best thing. I don't want a game , I want a racing simulation. What outlook does iracing have in 2015 and moving forward? The latter, we want to achieve the most realistic form of racing possible.

When Will the New Surface Model be released? New Surface model to be released by the end of the year.
Any news on the Nurburgring? Nurburgring is coming along on schedule, shooting for a Fall release date. The GP and Nordschelife will be $14.95 each. (regular price) If you own both, you can also drive the combined for no extra charge

Have you got any plans at all to finish Long Beach? Yes we plan to finish Long Beach

When will we get the Mercedes AMG GT3? Mercedes due next year, we're already working on it

Which layout will we be getting for the Combined Nurburgring, VLN/24hr, or the Full GP and Nordscheleife (like Forza)? We haven't determined the final layouts yet, but will try to provide as many as we can

What ever happened to the a new Daytona Prototype? Daytona Prototype is in development, one of the next two cars to come out.

MP4-30 coming this year? We're trying to get the MP4-30 out this year.

Is the camry going to be an update to the exsisting car or a whole new car? The new Camry is a free update, will replace the old car
DX11 still on pace for the end of this year? Working on it, trying to get DX11 out by end of the year.

What about the 2 Other missing Aston Martins? It depends on what Astons we get car data for.

How is the F1 car coming along? 3D modeling is underway, physics guys started on the new engine for the new F1 car.

Tony said about plans probably being part of this year Simracing Expo? Any news about this? Would be so cool so see Tony and Crew again We're going to the Sim Expo again this year!

Any plans to update the Indycar damage/repair model to where the rear wing assembly is replaceable in full? We're working on an all new damage model for all cars

Do you have any plans for updating Oculus Rift support with the new optimised SDK? We'll get to it, yes

What about other BMWs? You said that there are 4 licences. No new BMWs planned in the short term, working with other manufacturers

Any news on the re scans of pocono and michigan and when we might get them? No news on that, sorry.

Have you thought about rain implementation someday? We've thought about rain, yes

When should we be expecting a new tire model on the Gen6 Cup cars? Shooting for September build for Gen6 v6 tire model

What’s the lowdown on these new Legends? This new Legends car has been graphically rebuilt from the ground up, with the new physics based rendering format

Is the new Legends car free? Yes, the new Legends car is free, will replace the old one.

Anything on the new MX5? We'll be building the new MX5 soon, and yes it will be free.

Any updates upcoming to Star Mazda or Legends sounds? Star Mazda, Skip Barber, and HPD all have new engine sounds in this build, and we did some tweaking to the Mazda.

Will the new Camry be free? The new Camry is free if you own it already.

Are you planning on more GT1 cars by any chance? We'll see how popular the new GT1 series becomes. The Corvette is getting the new PBR lighting model as well.

When will the build be released? Shooting for Tuesday 10AM for this new build.

Any news on an xfinity camry? Xfinity camry is coming…

Will we get day-night transitions before 2016 when the endurance WC series starts? We aim to deliver Day-Night transitions after DX11.

Can we please have a Euro-acceptable NIS Open time? Like 7pm GMT or something? - Asked on behalf of everyone in Europe with kids!! (I won't ask again but I did promise some people I'd try and get you to agree). We'll look into that for next year.