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Be Alert! a personal compilation of iRacing tweaks, links & information.
• iRacing release notes & updates (last updated 2016s4) for site updates and random posts
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• From 2016: Alt-Tab | in-sim Video Capture | DirectX 11 | Dirt site updates suspended (18 November 2016)
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iRacing's 'SRF' Spec Racer Ford
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  • This page started as I was swapping my focus to SRF, it was short lived.
    SRF is nice to drive occasionally as are many cars, the Skip was too much fun to walk away from.
    During 2016s3 I spent a lot of time in Star Mazda (and some time in the Renault) primarily for track selection.
    I've had so much fun in the Star Mazda it's hard to go back to Skip.

    For current SRF information check iRacing's forum.

  • iRacing's SRF forum section includes terrific information.
    See pinned threads including:
    * 12/2015 thread "Update to John Bodin's SRF notes".
    * SRF Setup Shop thread.
    * "SRF Basic Theory about car setup" PDF download (copied for my reference).
    * Adam's Tech Shed SRF Setup Guide - anyone have a copy or new link?
    * "SRF demo laps, videos and replays" thread.
    * Old setups (for all cars) may fail tech without raising ride heights.
    • From 2015s2 release notes:
      - Improved the suspension modeling to account for flexibility of the suspension mounting points.
      This softens the resulting wheel rate of every car by 2-20% depending on the car.
      Car setups are likely to fail tech inspection and will need to have their ride heights adjusted to restore their previous levels, and also may need to have slightly stiffer springs selected to offset the extra flex and to regain desired handling characteristics. Most cars have had some degree of tuning to make sure there are no problems with suspension travel and to make sure enough range of adjustment is available.
      - All of our cars have updated iRacing setups adjusted for these suspension changes.

     * SRF steering wobble discussed in forum thread - Should we sticky a thread about steering wobble?
     * 2015s2 Very interesting SETUP thread, also links to image.   For me: SRF-set on file

    GEAR CHANGES on iRacing
    • Gear_Shifts  page for RPMs per gear and other information. 
    Driving Position

    I expect the setups below are now outdated
    My setup for 'Oulton Park Int - no chicanes' 2015s1
    • Download SRF-Oulton-145041.sto save to Documents/iRacing/setups/specracer
    • Weather: Temp 70°F. Wind S @ 11mph. 49 RH. Skies clear. 0% fog.
    • My fastest 'practice' time 1.45.041; fastest on record at the time 1.44.900
    • Disclaimer: I guarantee you will smash. I haven't run a race with this set.
    My setup for 'Lime Rock Park - full' 2015s1
    • Download SRF-LRP-59052.sto save to Documents/iRacing/setups/specracer
    • Weather: Temp 79°F. Wind N @ 2mph. 53 RH. Skies partly cloudy. 0% fog.
    • I set the fastest 'practice' time (59.052) for the season with that setup.
    • Disclaimer: I guarantee you will smash. I haven't run a race with this set.
    My setup for 'Summit Point Raceway' 2015s2
    • Download SRF-Summit-123550.sto save to Documents/iRacing/setups/specracer
    • Weather: Temp 79°F. Wind W @ 5mph. 40 RH. Skies partly cloudy. 0% fog.
    • My fastest 'practice' time 1.23.550 over-driving the life out of it; 0.2 slower than fastest.
    • Disclaimer: I guarantee you will smash. I haven't run a race with this set. Has some nice lift-off oversteer.
    Skip Barber Going Faster.
        Terrific tips can be applied to most cars.

    Professional clip. 90 minutes long. Includes some terrific information.
    Uploaded by lironjdb.
Spec Racer Ford.
SRF at Oulton Int

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