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Wheel Torque
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February 2016: from post by iRacing staff David T
Wheel Nm collected from David's load cell setup
David notes a 0.5 Nm bias depending on how you run the test.
Also notes reports that Nm will vary by up to a full Nm.
As explained: "it is really hard to pin down the 'peak' force a wheel can output".
  • Logitech DFGT: less than 2.5 Nm
  • Logitech G25: 2.5 Nm
  • Logitech G27: 2.3 Nm
  • Logitech G29: 2.1 Nm - not a retail release version of wheel
  • Logitech G920 2.2 Nm
  • Fanatech GT3 v2: 2.6 Nm
  • Thrustmaster Tx: 3.9 Nm
  • Thrustmaster T500: 4.4 Nm
  • Fanatec CSW v1: 4.8 Nm
  • Fanatec CSW v2: 7.1 Nm

  • David noted his OSW and AF test don't seem to be that accurate...
  • Accuforce: 8 Nm to 13 Nm depending on mode settings in the driver
  • OSW: 10 Nm to 20 Nm depending on the motor (i.e how much $$$)
  • Bodnar: rumored to be 16 Nm, they also have multiple motor options
  • See his post to read it all.

  • DT posted in same thread
    "I don't remember where our linear vs non linear discussion went to but I came across this link that should give you a real sense of how going from one to the other behaves."
October 2015: iRacing staff David T posted his wheel torque tests 
Including: Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Accuforce, OSW.
G27. G29. G920. GT3v2. TX 75. TX 100. CSW. CSW v2. AF High.  OSW 10 Nm.
David retested all his 'desktop' wheels and logged everything into a spreadsheet.  File: Log summary zipped.
David charted and plotted them on two graphs (below).
As noted by David:

The TX stands out quite nicely in the list, it falls squarely between the G27 and the CSW V2,
I think this would be a nice wheel to get if you sprung for the better quality hardware, and it is a great beginner wheel.
I still wonder how it really compares to a T500, someday I will get my hands on one again.
Just to be clear the data below is a plot of actual torque from the wheel as measured with my load cell setup,
it is not a stepX plot test. I'm confident that the numbers are accurate to within 20%, or close enough to compare.
Sub $1000 wheels

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