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Excerpt: "If you launch the simulation and an issue is detected before the simulation has connected to the race server, a message describing the problem will be shown to you in a dialog box, and the sim will not run. If an issue is detected after connecting to the race server, a message describing the problem will be shown in the Chat Pad, and you will be disconnected from the server".

"Easy Anti Cheat" also referenced in iRacing's 2015s4 release notes.
Aarni posted 26.08.15:
Just to answer some of the questions and concerns raised in the thread so far.

We have white-listed SoftTH and SweetFX to work with the anti-cheat, this update will be rolled out during this week still.

All known/popular recording software are white-listed as well, you can find the supported list here:

EasyAntiCheat is fully compatible with Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC), and we have worked in co-operation with the VAC developers to ensure this. EAC is fully integrated in iRacing, so there are no separate programs needed to be downloaded when you start the game.

Regarding privacy concerns, we've created this page to give you more comfort of what EAC does and does not do:
iRacing staff (DT) post re Live Telemetry - why we don't have it (Feb 2016:
You cheat by building a feedback loop that controls your inputs (steering/throttle/brake/ect) for you so you can get a perfect launch off the line, or setup your in car controls automatically every corner.

We put in code so that you can't change the in car adjustments too often (they slow down the faster you try to adjust them), so that you can't know your position with enough accuracy to adjust the steering, and so you can't know the grip level of the tires. All of this is so that you can be sure that if you are loosing, it is because someone was a better driver, not because they found a neat utility on the net.

iRacing staff (David T) clarifies cheating in an iRacing thread (Jan 2014) relative to debounce scripts. (Screenshot).

A member asked: "Using an debounce script like above with glovePIE is considered cheat?"

David's reply:
No, debounce scripts are ok by us. We would consider it cheating if it had a feedback loop so it automatically shifted for you.

Tony was not very clear in his cheating interview, but to us cheating is attempting to modify the sim in any way (modifying memory, modifying code, pulling values from the sim that are not exposed by telemetry), trying to exploit a bug in the code (prewarming/cooling tires in qualify, internet lag switches, etc), or building any sort of a feedback loop so part of your driving experience is 'automatically' controlled by a script (setting brake bias based on track position, adding ABS brakes based on telemetry output, automated launch controls, etc).

Having a button box that can control your pit settings, debouncing bad buttons, converting analog buttons to digital, etc are all ok. The real test is this: Does it give you an unfair advantage over someone who does not have it, or is it just a convenience for you.

So for example, motion cockpit view gives you a very different experience than what the normal user gets, but we have reviewed it and it does not attempt to modify memory (it uses API's we exposed) and while it is different, it does not automatically make you faster than someone else.

The same goes for the utility that lets you use both clutch paddles on the SRW-S1 wheel, because it does not have any feedback it offers no real advantages over someone who practiced there launch control with a single clutch pedal. But if they had added in feedback to modulate the clutch automatically for the perfect launch, then it would be a cheat (but not nearly as serious as modifying the code or memory).

It is always a fine line, but all the other utilities on here are doing a good job of respecting the line as well. So pit stall countdowns, or HUD displays, or even pit stop strategy tools are all ok, as long as they are just assistants designed to simplify your experience and they don't offer any real advantage over someone who put in some practice time and used paper and pencil to work out there strategy.

Our goal is to level the playing field so that you compete on skill alone. We want a driver running an old computer and a joystick to be just as competitive as someone who has $20,000 into there motion activated hardware with super duper pedals and wheels. Yes a $20,000 rig is more fun than a $500 rig, but as long as practice makes perfect then we did our jobs right.


GripHax is it real or a myth? Skip.exe work in progress.

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