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This page: iRacing Forum Signature & Forum Tips
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Page updated 7 September 2016 - reference to forum and youtube 640x360.
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Hyperlinks (clickable links) for iRacing forum signatures (not your actual post).
  • TEXT link
    This example includes underlining because the forum doesn't.
    target="_blank" opens the link in a new tab.
    Add EdRacing to your sig and/or replace EdRacing.com with your own url.
    <a href="http://www.edracing.com" target="_blank"><u>EdRacing.com a personal iRacing resource</u></a>
    Displays as
    EdRacing.com a personal iRacing resource
  • IMAGE link
    <a href="http://www.edracing.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.edracing.com/sig/EDR-473x30.jpg" width="473" height="30"></a>
    Displays as

  • IMAGE & TEXT link
    <a href="http://www.edracing.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.edracing.com/sig/EDR-473x30.jpg" width="473" height="30"></a> <a href="http://www.edracing.com" target="_blank"><u>http://EdRacing.com</u></a>
    Displays as

  • NOTE:
    My images above are 20 kilobytes. The smaller the better.
    Need to compress yours? Google compress image size online or similar.
    Not everyone has good internet, best practice, don't link to huge animated gifs.
    Signatures can be disabled in your profile options, "View Post Signatues".
    Adding a link to the body of your post, the forum uses a different syntax eg; [URL="http://edracing.com"][u]Ed's site[/u][/URL]
Hyperlinks with multi-part image in iRacing forum signature.
Note: this is only a simple example.
  • Create your image
    Then cut into pieces        
  • Add code for hyperlinks
  • Remove spacing between images so it looks like one image (with 5 separate links)

  • The hyperlink code is the same as shown previously also added border="0" to remove link highlight
    <a href="THE-URL-TO-LINK-TO" target="_blank"><img src="THE-IMAGE-URL-TO-DISPLAY" border="0" width="OPTIONAL-PIXEL-SIZE" height="OPTIONAL-PIXEL-SIZE"></a>
    Repeat the above multiple times on 1 line to display all hyperlinked images together <image1><image2><image3><image4><image5>etc
  • TWITCH users.
    http://streambadge.com provides this image service. There may be others and/or better.
    If the image below is missing, streambadge's account may be "suspended" again.
    A text link in your forum sig will avoid caching a live/offline image
    <a href="http://twitch.tv/YOUR-ACCOUNT" target="_blank"><u>My Twitch channel</u></a>
    If you prefer an IMAGE, I worked this out via an iRacing signature. Example:
    <a href="http://twitch.tv/EdR_Au" target="_blank"><img src="http://streambadge.com/twitch/EdR_Au.png" width="300" height="64"></a> <a href="http://twitch.tv/YOUR-ACCOUNT" target="_blank"><img src="http://streambadge.com/twitch/YOUR-ACCOUNT.png" width="300" height="64"></a>
    Replace YOUR-ACCOUNT with your own Twitch user account.
    When you change status, the image shows a different image - IF the image (page) is reloaded.
    I expect many people will only see a cached image, be it offline or live.
    The different images I saw while testing; these images are not linked:
    Add EdRacing banner to your Twitch info
    Per a request, the image below is sized 320px wide for Twitch.

    Copy the image (right click image, 'save image as' to your desktop etc)
    then add to Twitch info panel, link to http://www.edracing.com
    Let your viewers know where to get iRacing help.
    If you need help, contact me.
  • iRacing stats image
    6 Feb 2016: LiveRacerStats hasn't been updating for a couple of months
    TNT Racing has filled the void with a new service http://stats.tnt-racing.com/create
    Related iRacing forum thread

    11 May 2016 LiveRaceStats.com terminated. Brian's post says
    "Due to personal reasons/issues, I have turned the LiveRaceStats service off. I'd like to thank all of you who donated over the years to help with server hosting."

    iRacing only uses real names - 'A Gift For You'. See more of the Gift family.
  • Your iRacing forum SIGNATURE.
    Click on PROFILE

    Then scroll down to signature box

  • Your iRacing forum PROFILE.
    This is different from your Members Page profile.
    Like above, click on PROFILE

    Then click on your name

    You then see your forum profile with links to your posts & topics
  • Embed Youtube in an iRacing post
    Example link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq0MK6aXaV0&feature=youtu.be
    To embed in a forum post REMOVE the text in red
    Then paste the link between [youtube] and [/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq0MK6aXaV0[/youtube]
    From 2016s4 build release notes:
    "- Embedded YouTube videos on the forums are now 640x360, and can now be viewed in full-screen mode."
  • Attaching images to an iRacing post

    At the bottom of the new post or quote window, click on the CHOOSE FILE.
    To add another, click ADD FILE.
    You will be selecting a file stored on your own computer.

    Another method, host your image on a free site such as Photobucket or similar.
    Noted 2016s2, images hosted on IMGUR don't appear to be loading on iRAcing.
    Example code to past in your iRacing post
    [IMG]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g292/tweddy/Ed_zpsbawiccen.png[/IMG] Which displays as:

    Type the url in your post, highlight it, click on the IMG tab to insert the IMG tags for you

  • Random iRacing forum tips
    * The iRacing forum is FUBAR; long threads and old attachments disappear.
    * The SEARCH function is FUBAR; at this point we have no choice but suffer it.
    * Watch a sub-forum. Eg Open Skip Barber Formula 2000. Scroll to bottom. Click on "Watch this Forum".
    * Watch a sub-forum. Eg Open iRacing Staff Announcements. Scroll to bottom. Click on "Watch this Forum".
    * Be aware, iRacing Staff may disclose information anywhere it suits them including the General / Off topic Discussion section.
    * What else should I mention here?
Thanks for supporting EdRacing.com, it's a resource for everyone.
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