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LOGITECH ARX for iRacing introduced 2015s3
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For detailed information: ARX Development thread (8 Dec 15)
( Note: My notes below reference the original aka "Old Logitech ARX development" thread )
Overcoming iOS HTML5 audio limitations
Solutions and workarounds for mobile Safari
Forum post by iRacing staff (David T) June 2016:
I have heard, but not tested, that ARX can't play audio. It looks like this is a limitation of IOS (and possibly android) and not a limitation with ARX itself. Here is a guide to how to get audio working on iOS, it may help.

Basically you make one single long loop of all your audio and load it using a splash screen at the start of your app. By forcing the user to click on the screen you can capture that click and load your audio into memory. From there you just play segments out of your long audio loop as needed.
2016s4 from release-notes:
  • A new Force Feedback demo (ffb_demo) has been added that can help users setup Force Feedback for their racing wheel in the Sim.
  • Posted by iRacing staff (David T)
    "I just posted the latest ARX demo code, this includes the new (and up to date) iRacingARXmsg.js file.
    I goofed up and forgot to check the box that says include this file with the build, so it is currently missing from the base ARX package.
    I put in a fix for that but for now you will need to manually include the file in your project."
    See David's post for more.
  • - A new iRacingARXmsg.js ARX module that allows for the sending of remote control messages from an ARX client to iRacing has been added.
    This mirrors the remote control messages currently supported by the IRSDK api. Now ARX is functionally equivalent to IRSDK.
    - - See the ARX development forums for details:
    - The ability to clear fuel, windshield, and fast repair pit commands have been added using the IRSDK api.
    - Data will now only be pushed if a device is connected.
2016s3 from release-notes:
  • A new Force Feedback demo (ffb_demo) has been added that can help users setup Force Feedback for their racing wheel in the Sim.
  • ARX clients can now send text chat messages to the Sim via the call: irArx.sendChatString("message"). Additionally, these messages can include macro commands.

2016s2 from release-notes
  • Examples have been updated.
  • Fixed an issue with iOS where the UI would zoom when the app was rotated to landscape.
  • ARX can now handle automatic unit conversions using either a string type or an offset/scalar pair.
  • ARX data transmissions are now limited to 10 times per second to prevent overload.

  • From Staff post (4/2016) (also referenced in post) ARX demo code (linked in the first post) updated with a new force feedback demo that will keep track of your steering forces and calculate the maximum value you can set the force slider in the sim to in order to not saturate.

2016s1 Update:
Deploying cleaner code. ARX details moved to their own library.
Keep scrolling for my new (dummies) notes and reference to ATLAS.
From 2016s1 release notes:
  • A major rewrite of ARX code has been completed that breaks compatibility with old ARX templates. Users will be required to rework how data is accessed.
  • Completely stripped out Brass Monkey; Logitech ARX replaces this code and Brass Monkey is no more.
  • Session string is now updated live instead of only once at startup.
  • ARX gets all memory variables instead of using a subset; this should bring ARX in line with the iRacing API.
  • The iRacingARX.js and iRacingARXctrl.js files are provided automatically, but you can provide your own copy if you feel the need to modify them.
  • Javascript helper libraries have been pulled out into their own iRacingARX.js and iRacingARXctrl.js files and all pertinent functions now live inside either an irARX or irARXctrl class that is auto instantiated.
  • Completely hid details about ARX and hid all private data including data being transmitted from the Sim. Including the iRacingARX.js is now all you need to do to make a project work with iRacing.
  • The logic for handling the driving controls has been separated out into a standalone iRacingARXctrl.js, this has no dependencies on iRacingARX.js and can be omitted from your project if you do not wish to implement the driving controls.
  • You now must provide an index.html file. Previously we would allow any .html file to work.
  • Fixed several minor issues with the ARX Library, debugger, and running ARX on iOS devices.
New switches in sim options > options tab, including
"We now flash the backlights on some Logitech keyboards and mice in synch with the shift lights on your car."
iRacing Logitech ARX 
ARX FOR DUMMIES post 15 July 2015
     (my notes added 12/2015)

- Make sure your phone is on the same wireless network as your computer.
- Install the latest Logitech keyboard profiler (version 8.70.35 as of this writing).
     I downloaded Logitech Gaming Software from Logitech
     I also have LGS Profiler 5.10 for G27
     LGS 8.7 is independent of LGS (Logitech Profiler) 5.10, you can run both side by side with no troubles
     The new LGS 8.7 also drives the new G920 and G29 wheels, if you ever upgrade to them.

- Install the Logitech ARX client on your phone from the app store.
- When you run the ARX client for the first time, you should be asked by the profiler if you want to allow the client to communicate, say yes.
     I had to click yes on the computer

Now everything is set up, the next time you run iRacing you should see something on your phone, as long as the ARX client is running.
You can start the ARX client after iRacing starts and it should all still hook up.

You can select what you see on your phone in the settings dialog in the sim. (In the drop down box).

To install new ARX web pages, download them from the forums, and drop them in [documents]/iracing/arx/<some folder>,
then in the sim when you go to load the new ARX layout your new page will show up as 'some folder' or whatever you named the directory.
And to develop new pages, read the tutorial at the top of this thread.

     I downloaded David's demo client files from his post.
     I created a folder named ARX in documents/iracing/
     Extracted David's files into /ARX
     With iRacing running, I could click the dropdown in sim options to select his different demos.
     Really easy, really good to use, I can see why the potential is awesome.
     I especially liked prog_demo and "touch me to drive" which allowed me to drive the car.
     Play with David's demos to see more.
     Also scroll through David's thread to find client files shared by members.
     Let me know which ones you like and I'll link to them.


* New help documents coming from David T soon™
From conversation with Mr T:
(see new post for further comment)
David is very excited about a new graphing module which lets you make graph plots just like McLaren ATLAS with only a single line of code.
The bottom image is a snapshot from his android tablet, and the code to create a new graph looks like
irGraph.createGraph("LF/RF Ride Height", ["LfRideHeight", "RfRideHeight"], 0, 0.5);    

You can see in the plots that the phone lacks some of the resolution that ATLAS has, but you can’t have everything.
After I see the new help docs I'll update this page again.
ARX is a way to use your cell phone as a display.
Logitech ARX should have nothing to do with your wheel.
ARX relies on Logitech Gaming Software for keyboard/mouse to act as the conduit between your phone and iRacing software.
Current ARX code limitations include only being able to update the display 15 times a second.
• 2015s3 release notes:
- We now support Logitech's ARX interface. ARX is a simple communication layer provided by Logitech that allows communication between an application on the PC and your Android or iOS based device. It basically allows us to act as a web server sending pages to your phone, along with a simple bidirectional communication channel so we can push live data to the phone and receive inputs back. For further information and details on how to use or create something for ARX, please go to this forum thread:
• June 2015 David T post: We integrated support for the new Logitech ARX client into our sim,
now you can develop your own black box or HUD without needing to know much about C++ or how to build an android app.
You should be able to take advantage of this on or around the 9th (June 2015), or basically whenever the build goes out.

• DT post: - We have partnered with Logitech to bring support for their new ARX api to our sim. ARX is an interface that allows us to easily create displays on your cell phone or portable device. This is similar to the functionality that Brass Monkey provided for us, but with enough power to allow our members to create their own displays using HTML/JavaScript and the data we provide.

To get started you will need to have your device running on the same network as your computer. Each device you want to use needs to have the latest Logitech ARX client installed from your app store. And on the computer you need to be running the Logitech Gaming Software version 8.58.183 or later. This is the gaming software that supports keyboards and mice, and not the one that supports there line of steering wheels. You do not need to own a Logitech product in order to use ARX, Logitech has graciously provided the functionality to all our members without tying it directly to their hardware.

Once everything is up and running, we will automatically connect to the ARX server and send your selected display down to your portable device. You can change what display is shown by going into the settings dialog and selecting the options tab. New layouts can be placed in the [documents]iracingarx folder at any time. For details on how to create your own layout, and what data is available please head over to the developer section of our forums:

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