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• iRacing release notes & updates (last updated 2016s4) for site updates and random posts
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• From 2016: Alt-Tab | in-sim Video Capture | DirectX 11 | Dirt site updates suspended (18 November 2016)
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* Scroll past basic setup guide for forum links and current information.
* GripHax, is it real or a myth? Skip.exe work in progress.
A "good setup" in the Skip is less important than good driving and driver inputs.
A setup that makes you feel comfortable will help build your confidence.

Only 6 adjustable settings. Trial and error. Change 1 setting at a time with 2 clicks to feel the difference.
A flashing yellow box in garage is only a guide to indicate it's near the limit. Red would fail tech.
A hot track on iRacing feels more slippery, a cold track more grippy. See weather for more detailed information.
I expect that starting with lower tyre pressures would increase rolling resistance thus potentially slower.
The following was based on Glenn Chalder's setup notes.
  • Goals
    * Maintain vehicle balance, over-drive less.
    * Keeping a car balanced can be more about driver inputs than setup.
    * If the car feels too twitchy, try lower SPO and/or lower ARB.
  • Tyre Pressures - let the tyres warm up for a few laps.
    * Lower: more grip, responds less to steering input, easier to overheat.
    * Higher: less grip, responds more to steering input. Maybe more stable for rookies.
    * Front lower than rear: induces more oversteer.
    * Rear lower than front: induces more understeer.
    * My preference:
       2016s4: 19 psi 131 kPa front and rear. (Maybe 1 click higher). 
       2016s3: 19 psi 131 kPa front and rear. (Maybe 1 click higher). 
       2016s2: 19 psi 131 kPa front and rear. (Maybe 1 click higher). 
       2016s1: 19 psi 131 kPa front and rear. (I'd suggest not higher). 
       2015s4: (Mainly 18 psi). I may run 17 to 19 psi, not over 20 psi.
       2015s3 with v6 Tyre Model & dynamic weather 18 psi (124 kPa) front and rear.
       Previously: 20 psi (138 kPa) or 21 psi (145 kPa) aiming for 25psi / 172kpa when hot.
  • Brake Bias (BB)
    * Lower: less likely to lockup front, more likely to snap oversteer on turn-in.
    * Higher: more likely to lockup front and plough straight ahead.
    * My preference: 2016s4 53 or 54, previously 56 or 57
  • Spring Perch Offset (SPO)
    * Lower: raises front ride height, increases tendency to understeer.
    * Higher: lowers front ride height and increases camber which increases tendency to oversteer. Pointy pivot point.
    * My preference: 3 to 5. Usually 4 or 5. (On a goat track like Oran Park, I may start at 3 until I get comfortable).
  • Anti-Roll Bar (ARB)
    * Lower: more body roll at rear, more 'snap unload' at turn in; better for slower corners.
    * Higher: less body roll at rear, less 'snap unload' at turn in; better for fast corners.
                    Rear-end rotation more predictable, especially with off-throttle oversteer.
    * My preference: Usually 6 or 7 depending on track. (Currently I'm using 8 a lot).
  • Fuel
     * Official races: 11 litres (3.1 gallons) is normally sufficient. Check before you race.

  • As I mentioned 2016s3
    Try something different: -4 SPO. 7 ARB. 19 PSI (2016s4 I'm using 53 brake bias).
    If you think I'm nuts, I agree, now try it.
    In 2013 my preference was negative-SPO before succumbing to the loud voices of convention.
    -4 will increase the ride height and I expect it will increase contact patch.
    At a track like Imola, it improves the bumps and thumps.
GEAR CHANGES on iRacing:
  • See OPTIMAL GEAR SHIFT RPM and other information.
  • I use M-spec usb shift light (apps section).
  • Common gear change method:
    * Upshift: Throttle lift, no clutch.
    * Downshift: Throttle lift, no clutch (with appropriate lift no blip required although many do).
    * Downshift real Skip: I've read recommendations to use the clutch (and heel/toe).
    * 2016s1 discussion / poll 'How do you change gear' thread.
    * 2015s3 discussion / poll 'To Blip or To Not... To Lift or To Not' thread.
  • Some iRacers prefer to preselect and hold gear lever, when ready to shift, lift off gas to engage gear.
iRacing's Skip forum section is a wealth of information, see pinned threads and... 
    iRacing's tyre model keeps evolving from season to season.
    Suggestions you read may be outdated, check the date of information for relevance.
    I generally references a Season eg 2015s4 for season 4 2015.

  • iRacing on a budget: the Skip Barber track rotation thread.
  • Ian Bevan's brake and gear thread. ( Reproduced here IansDriverGuide )
  • Principles of driving the Skip fast, Training Laps at Road America forum thread.
  • How To Drive The Skippy S4/2015 - Videos and Replays forum thread.
  • Understanding weekly track guides post (in thread).
  • Glenn Chalder's Concise Guide To Skippy Tuning PDF attached to forum. (Related thread)
  • Seating position in Skip, informative posts by David T.  PDF.
    Also see Camera-UI for seating adjustment
  • Skip race and championship statistics
  • Skip Aus/NZ SOF (Strength Of Field) race Monday nights 10:15 GMT thread  (2016 S4)
    Remind me to update the link next season or look for a new thread in the forum's Skip section
    It's an official session with a weekly focus that anyone can join.
    Top split streamed live by RRTV. (redirection to rrtv
  • WEATHER: 2015s3 Dynamic weather introduced. PL's explanation Weather 101 - A glossary thread.
    Added to this site Weather | Dynamic Tracks.
  • Blown engines discussed thread (2015s4).
    Post by Skip Mayor PL. Read his post for full detail.
    PL now believes it's probable that following another car in the draft can contribute to blowing an engine.
    PL believes there are 3 things that can damage an engine in iRacing:
    1. Over-revving (more than 6400 rpm) on downshifts.
    2. Hitting the limiter (which causes a slight over-rev, but a full-throttle over-rev is far more damaging than an off-throttle over-rev).
    3. Excessive oil temperature.

    When following another car closely avoid hitting the limiter on downshifts.
  • Appears to be dead. Skip SOF (strength of field) co-ordinator by Philippe L, thread.
  • Skip School threads  -
    2016s2 update: school appears to be dead.
    Look for the weekly thread in the Forum's Skip Section.
    The original threads appear to be dead also:
    - The Official Skippy School AusNZ thread  (2015s4).
    - Skippy School thread (2015s4)

  • Highly recommend watching a professional clip: Skip Barber Going Faster at bottom.
    Also read the book Going Faster!: Mastering the Art of Race Driving - excerpts in thread.
  • New page added to EDR: Passing-101

  • A new ANZ league "AUSTRALASIAN SUPERSKIPS" apparently started in 2016. iRacing league page | forum thread.
  • Alex McKellar's "The Top Split" Podcast and forum thread
  • Introduced 2014s1: front wing easily damaged by hitting red cones also some rumble strips. (Wing will disappear if severe).
  • (OLD) 2014s3 tyre build conclusions forum post. Tyre model tends to change every season.
  • My iRacing replays and notes for iRacing's Skip Barber at Lime Rock Park.
  • (Old) My 2014s1 Skip Barber Setups page. Some members prefer to use one set all season.
  • June 2014 Will formed the ANZ&A Skip Barber League. League Page | thread. (2016s2 appears to be dead)
    "Anybody with a D 3.0 License up and a bunch of Skippy races under their belt is welcome to join"
  • July 2014 Philippe formed the Skip Barber 2K World Cup League. League Page. (Minimum iRating 2000).
  • TNT Racing's Skip app. Ben's forum thread | android & ios | html5 version of app | download fuel calc. For me: filed.
  • The Skip has street tyres - post by Staff, Eric H (7/2015).
  • Real Wheel for Skip Barber - who is correct?
    From Skip thread (11/2015): Reportedly a 255mm D-Shaped leather rim sourced from part RTSWD2.
    Another thread links to post which makes reference to a Skip Barber answer of 320mm part RTSWD4BL.
    A more recent post reportedly had a reply from Skip Barber citing 255mm.
  • Posted by member Marcel S 2016s2:

    The JRT app gives an oil temp warning for the Skippy when you reach higher temps than 140°C.

    The higher it goes, the higher the risk to blow the engine. We tested in once in a hosted session.
    Shifting up or down and/or hitting the rev limiter can all make the engine blow.
    It´s possible on all tracks (happens mostly on tracks with high air temp and many draft opportunities).

    The higher the oil temp went (some had it on 180°C) the higher the chance it blows while shifting or hitting the limiter.

2016s4 (release notes):
  • iRacing later edited the release notes to include:
    "A number of physics changes have been made to make the handling balance more similar at corner entry and exit.
    Previously, the car tended to oversteer at corner entry and understeer at corner exit.
    These changes were aimed at reducing both entry oversteer and exit understeer
  • The driver's head position has been adjusted slightly so that it is in line with the way other cars calculate the driver view.
  • Track surface has reportedly changed. "Some extensive updates to the Dynamic Track System have also been added that should increase the realism of heat
    mapping and make rubber have a bit more of an impact on your race."
  • "Your experience at night tracks has been improved with the new Dynamic Night Shadow Maps system".
  • (Also see  Dynamic-Tracks)
  • Watch Skip thread for member comments.
    Excerpt from PL: "The car suffers a lot of off-throttle understeer but more oversteer when on throttle it's not a problem really, but the unstable rear when changing direction is going to be a problem for many."
    My opinion: iRacing continue to subdue the beast within, the car is now too stable. It's no longer the drivers' car I once loved but it is still a lot of fun.
  • Watch thread about changes to the Skip setup.
  • With the Virtual Mirror option enabled, a hotkey (Alt+M) has been added to show/hide the virtual mirror while driving.
  • New Auto FFB strength in F9 box - see FFB.
  • Skip thread "SCHEDULE FOR 2016 SEASON 4"
  • 2017 Season 1 track selection thread.
  • My comments:
    The traditional 5 SPO 8 ARB may be fine for guys that know the car well.
    I'm coasting around with 2 SPO 5 ARB and 55 brake bias at Laguna.
    11 litres (3.1 gallons) of fuel is normally sufficient for a race - check before you race.
  • 2016s3 from release notes:
    "We have performed an extensive update to all track surfaces to better model physics collisions, even with tiny particles like sparks, gravel, and marbles.
    The dynamic track surface now includes dust and gravel, which is brought onto the racing surface from off-track excursions and affects tire grip" 
  • Season 3 Schedule thread 
    Proposed schedule thread
    Skip not mentioned in release notes but... from release notes:
    "We have performed an extensive update to all track surfaces to better model physics collisions, even with tiny particles like sparks, gravel, and marbles.
    The dynamic track surface now includes dust and gravel, which is brought onto the racing surface from off-track excursions and affects tire grip" 
  • My preference 5 SPO. 8 ARB. 19 psi (131 kPa) in all tyres. 57 Brake Bias.
  • 5 and 8 are common settings but less forgiving when learning the car.
  • The corner exit understeer can be frustrating, especially on hot tracks.
  • To minimise the understeer I'm lifting off the gas a fraction earlier than normal for better rotation.
  • I may change the Spring Perch Offset (SPO) or Anti Roll Bar (ARB) 1 click at different tracks.
  • Try something different: -4 SPO. 7 ARB. 19 PSI. If you think I'm nuts, I agree, now try it.
    In 2013 my preference was negative SPO before succumbing to the loud voice of convention.
    -4 will increase the ride height and I expect it will increase contact patch.
  • (I've spent many weeks in the Star Mazda with better track selection, it's been a blast).

  • iRacing's baseline setup seems more forgiving for newer members; I'd reduce fuel (to 11L) and brake bias for the usual tracks.
    2016s2 at Nurburgring I had fun with 0 SPO, 3 ARB, 19 psi (131 kPa) front & rear, 57 BB.
    Minimum computer specs for Nurburgring noted on 3monitors page.
    GARAGE / tyre warmer changes noted on Tyre / Tire model page. 

  • Informative post by Eric H (18 Dec 2015):
    "We've actually done a bit of CFD on the Skippy. The front wing just limits lift to nil caused by leverage on the rear, which therefore actually does create some download. Although it's efficiency is really really low. The overall car (all df on the rear) sees a lift/drag ratio of approximately -0.32:1. A current F1 car is around -4.0:1 or 12.5 times more!" (Ed: I'm guessing CFD is Computational Fluid Dynamics).

  • 2016s2 updates
    "Updated tire sounds" (release notes)
  • 2016s1 updates
    "Road series will now have a solo 2 minute warm up followed by a 7 minute qual session in which you can do up to 2 timed laps" (post).
    From release notes:
    "Cars without tire warmers will now enter the world with exactly the tire pressure specified in the garage, instead of always being a couple of psi higher than specified. iRacing setups have been adjusted for this change, but you will need to increase your tire pressure on any pre-existing setups to keep your hot tire pressures out on the track in the right place. The typical change for any car will be approximately +1.5 psi".
    * Backfire sounds have been added.
    * Tire sounds have been updated.
  • Skip updates 2016s1
    * Official Schedule 2016s1 thread.
  • Skip updates 2015s4
    * Skip schedule thread. (Schedule for all cars thread pdf attached).
    * V6 tires now include a term in the lateral stiffness calculations that was missing in the NTM previously (including the v1-5 tires).
       All prior cars with v6 tires from last season have been revised to suit, and many more cars have been upgrade to v6 tires.
    * My opinion: the car is too stable now, including on grass and dirt.
  • Skip updates 2015s3
    * Tyre Model v6 (aka NTM6 aka New Tyre Model). Sound updates.
    * Skip NTM6 discussed in thread. (I prefer v5 aka NTM5).
  • Updates from 2015s2 release notes
    * Old setups for ALL cars - you may need to raise ride height to pass tech.
    * Reportedly fixed a bug with Skip's ARB.
    * Cars are dropped on track with a warmed up motor, not warm tyres.
    * Fast Repair option added to F4 - check it before pitting.
    * 2015s2 Single car qualifying is part of the (Skip) race session. Late announcement.

"Asymmetric handling of ALL cars-Loose Left, Tight Right"
       Source: thread by iRacing member Miko N. See thread for discussion and other cars. (June 2016)
       Related information by iRacing staff guru Dave K is buried on my Gear Shifts page (direct link 
Smooth steering inputs can make a difference.
2014s2 iRacing's Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in the Skip.
     Riku Alatalo commentates his 1.36.5 WR lap.
Youtube upload by Riku Alatalo. Riku's iRacing post with this clip.
A suggestion that may help others:
I learnt in the MX5 (at the top of the Corkscrew around 10:30) to use the trees to help identify the 2nd apex.
2013s4 iRacing released it's version of Mount Panorama Circuit.
     My Mount Panorama page has 2 very good clips.

Martin Krönke demonstrates a lap - 2.31.008 day 1 of release

Download Martin's iRacing setup. Update: it's possibly outdated.
Martin referred to this set as his 'baseline', not specific for any track.
As an indication of pace, see other drivers' times from this session.
2013s3 Interlagos. Glenn Kinsey demostrates a lap - 1.50.581
Observations and notes, these can be applied elsewhere.

  • Watching Glenn's inputs (bottom left of clip) will demonstrate:
    smooth inputs; little use of clutch required; throttle control.
  • If you are a few seconds slower and thrashing your wheel, you limit your ability to get faster.
  • Cornering: Good line in with appropriate pace will assist fast exit.
    * Use the whole track. The camber of some parts of ripple strips assist with rotation.
    * Look ahead and plan. Going fast doesn't mean keeping your foot on the gas.
  • Glenn's setup - I wouldn't use it now.
    (Tyres: 22psi / 22psi (152kPa). SPO: 0. ARB 3. Petrol: 3.1gallon / 11 litre).
  • By contrast, if your style includes:
    * Riding the brake under throttle when desperate may have it's merits such as stabilising the car.
       This "technique" may also mask driver error which impedes driver advancement.
    * The need to rotate the wheel excessively through corner & running wide is indicative of pushing too hard.
    * Ultimately, over-driving slows you down and impedes driver advancement.
    * Think with your head, not with your foot.
Skip Barber Going Faster
    Professional clip. 90 minutes long. Includes some terrific information.
    Uploaded by lironjdb.

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