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Be Alert! a personal compilation of iRacing tweaks, links & information.
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• From 2016: Alt-Tab | in-sim Video Capture | DirectX 11 | Dirt site updates suspended (18 November 2016)
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06/2017: Facebook removed the (above) linked post.
8 months of links and info vanished without reason!

After 4 years, has outgrown the 1 person maintaining it,
especially with Facebook deleting information I was compiling.

With support the site will remain hosted as is.
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iSpeed app for iRacing
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A redirection to neesoft's help page:

iSpeed download & install instructions          .
My own notes:
June 2016
iSpeed updated for non-donating users
They were reportedly getting an "expired" message

"Version, June 12th, 2016
: Rebuild with 2016 dates (to get rid of "old version" warning messages for non-donating users)."

I haven't updated anything else on this page in a long time.

To display iSpeed on another device on your network you need to pay
Display on network instructions:

See iSpeed's version history for updates.

Changes to file location were made June 2014 in version -
forum post.
  • Files now stored in Documents/iSpeed instead of iRacing/Telemetry folder.
  • Lodge support ticket from right-click menu.

  • I simply downloaded and ran the new install file, iSpeed moved the files as noted above.
Noting some of my frequent answers:
I'm not associated with neesoft / iSpeed but recommend paying to support a great app.
  • 1. Read nessoft's help page (I probably repeat some of the information).
    2. Read Troy's Getting Faster which is extremely helpful.
  • After altering your layout, save it: right click > layout > save.
  • Drag boxes / components out of iSpeed:
    right click > layout > show layout guides > then you can see what you're grabbing, dragging, resizing.
    (on iPhone/iPad/Android, click-hold instead of right click).
  • Overlaying iSpeed on your iRacing monitor.
    * iRacing must be in "window" mode, not "full screen".
    * To position overlay, see 'drag boxes' above.
    * While iRacing is in "window' mode, you can make it look like "full screen". See forum thread.
  • Change colour scheme in windows view:
    I haven't tried but I believe you can edit the css.
    File location on win 7 x64: C:Program Files (x86)iSpeedWebStatsiSpeed.css (make safe copy before editing)
  • Using iSpeed via Wifi / home network:
    * It's nearly as simple as typing the IP address of the computer running iSpeed.
    * Payment required to enable iSpeed's "web server".
    * See nessoft's help page for configuration help.
    * Set a fixed / static ip on your network for the device you are going to view iSpeed on, makes it easier later.
    * iPhone / iPad:
       After opening in browser, I "add to home screen" so it opens full screen (no title bars etc).
       If I clear browser cache, layout resets to default. Possible work-around: install a 2nd browser.
    * Android:
       Dolphin browser has a full screen option as well as an option to disable screen dimming and locking
  • Anything I should add or change please? I'll revise this page when someone is kind enough to offer suggestions.
  • What I use:
    In the past I displayed iSpeed on a 2nd monitor, full screen.
    Now I've updated to 3 monitors, I display iSpeed on an old iPhone which hangs on a gooseneck.
    One of my random clips below shows my iPhone with iSpeed - I'm behind the red car waiting to pass.


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