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Be Alert! a personal compilation of iRacing tweaks, links & information.
• iRacing release notes & updates (last updated 2016s4) for site updates and random posts
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• From 2016: Alt-Tab | in-sim Video Capture | DirectX 11 | Dirt site updates suspended (18 November 2016)
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06/2017: Facebook removed the (above) linked post.
8 months of links and info vanished without reason!

After 4 years, has outgrown the 1 person maintaining it,
especially with Facebook deleting information I was compiling.

With support the site will remain hosted as is.
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Information sourced from iRacing's "Official User guide"

• Also see iRacing-Blacklist to block members from your hosted sessions.
• My original Quick Reference PDF printout with a couple of updates.
2016s3 post with current commands:
  • And here are the admin commands

    "!help <command> - where command is one of the following:"
    "admin advance black chat clear dq eol help ? nadmin nchat"
    "remove waveby yellow /all /rc spchat nspchat "

    "!admin <driver> [<message>] - promote driver to administrator."

    "!nadmin <driver> [<message>] - demote driver from administrator."

    "!remove <driver> [<message>] - permanently remove driver from race and server."

    "!yellow <message> - throw the yellow flag, or extend it by a lap."

    "!waveby <driver> [<message>] - wave driver past the pace car to back of field."

    "!advance [<message>] - advance to next session."

    "!nchat [<driver> [<message>]]- disable text and voice chat for driver, or for all clients."

    "!chat [<driver> [<message>]] - enable text and voice chat for driver, or for all clients."

    "!spchat [<message>] - enable text chat between spectators."

    "!nspchat [<message>] - disable text chat between spectators."

    "!black <driver> [time] or [L(laps)] [<message>] - issue black flag with time/lap penalty."

    "!dq <driver> [<message>] - disqualify driver from race."

    "!eol <driver> [<message>] - move driver back to end of line."

    "!clear <driver> [<message>] - clear all pending black flags, dq's or eol's for a driver."

    These control text chat destinations

    "/all <message> - send a text chat to all participants, even if text chat is disabled."

    "/rc <message> - send a text chat to all admins (race controllers)." 


 • Print list of commands available, or list additional information about individual commands
!admin <driver> [<message>]
 • give admin to others
!nadmin <driver> [<message>]   
 • remove admin privileges from driver
!remove <driver> [<message>]   
 • remove a driver from the race, permanently, can remove spectators as well
!yellow [<message>]   
 • throw a yellow if not already active
!waveby <driver> [<message>]   
  • move car up to next lap and send to the end of the pace line
!advance [<message>]   
 • advance to next session (qualify to grid, etc)
!chat [<driver>]   
 • enable chat for all drivers    
 • if driver is specified, re-enable chat for that driver.  
!nchat [<driver>]   
 • disable voice/text chat for all drivers except administrators    
 • if driver is specified, disable chat for that specific driver only  
!black <driver> [time] or [L(laps)]
 • give a driver the black flag
 • default is a stop and go, optionally specify time or laps to hold
!dq <driver> [<message>]   
 • disqualify a driver from the race, but do not remove them from the server
!eol <driver> [<message>]   
 • move driver backwards to end of pace line  
!clear <driver> [<message>]   
 • clear all pending or active black flags, dq's or eol's for a driver 


<car number>
  • send driver a private message (anyone can do this any time).

R (type R or r) from either the driving screen or the session screen
 • it responds to the last person who private-messaged you
/rc <message>
  • send a message to the admins for the current event
  • (rc aka race control)
/all <message> (admins only)
  • Sends a chat message to all drivers even if chat is disabled
== NOTES ==
[<message>] is an optional message that will be broadcast to all the users.   
So the command '!remove #32 Banning for reckless driving' would send out the notification: '#32 was removed from the system. Banning for reckless driving.' to all drivers.
<driver> the form is one of the following:
  • name[.name]  eg John.Smith (you could also try just John or just Smith).
  • #<car number> eg #88 the car's assigned number - not car position.

• Name represents the beginning portion of a name so bob matches on bob or bobby    
• you can string together multiple names using '.' to replace spaces so b.brown could match 'bob brown'    
• Names must be specified sufficiently to give a unique result.    
• If two names conflict but one is an exact match than that name is used. This is so bob.brown and bobby.brown can be differentiated.    
• The # symbol is optional to help make things faster.

Please REPORT broken links & errors
As the content grows it outgrows the 1 person maintaining it.

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