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• iRacing release notes & updates (last updated 2016s4) for site updates and random posts
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• From 2016: Alt-Tab | in-sim Video Capture | DirectX 11 | Dirt site updates suspended (18 November 2016)
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Add a custom paint job to your iRacing car.
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  • 2016s4 iRacing new character model, Brian S Staff post.
    "Lollipop guy is paintable.
    You will need new suits, the suit template is entirely different.
    Helmet paints will work as far as the base helmet.
    You can now paint the stripe across the helmet, seatbelts, logo on the seatbelts, and also color and paint the helmet visor.
    Plus probably some other things I've forgotten about."

  • 2016s2 thread MX5 2016 template includes some insight from staff.
  • Create your own Shit List - see iRacing-Blacklist 
  • How to paint your iRacing car tutorial forum thread
  • Gimp (free program) tutorial for custom paints forum thread
  • See other pinned threads general painting discussion
  • Scott Oleson's paint helpers - colour coded panels forum thread
  • Wire guide thread. I particularly like the "SpotFinder" post
    "SpotFinder 1024x1024" image attached to post
    "SpotFinder 2048x2048" image attached to post
  • Carbon fibre pattern for photoshop - post | pat-file-attached-to-post
  • Other Driver swap / Team Racing information - see notes  Driver-Swaps
  • High resolution screenshots
  • Metallic Layers for Road and Oval cars thread
  • Ford GT3: looking for square on rear bumper thread

  • Tweak for high compression screen shot - post
  • Switch to windowed mode MOD - thread   For me: filed
    JSGME (JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler) can be used to swap out your renderer.ini and app.ini files with just a couple clicks.
    This allows you to quickly swap between "painting mode" (iRacing in a window) and your normal settings (most likely full-screen).

  • Expected 2015s4 (from Tony's post):
    These are the cars that will have GGX after build next week.
    That means the fancy new shaders that make metal really look like metal etc.
    Will complete all cars soon enough but quite a bit of work for each one.
    Aston Martin DBR9. Corvette C6R. Corvette C7. Daytona Prototype. Legends Ford 34C.
    Nascar Chevrolet SS Gen 6. Nascar Ford Fusion Gen 6. Nascar Toyota Camry Gen 6.
    Nascar Xfinity Chevrolet Camaro. Nascar Xfinity Ford Mustang. Nascar Xfinity Toyota Camry.

Extract from iRacing's 2014 season 4 release notes:



User-specific custom paint jobs include a user's CustomerID in the file name. In Team Driving sessions, everyone registers as part of a team, and teams have their own TeamIDs. Team custom paint jobs are read from files with similar names, but using "team_#" (where # is the TeamID) in place of the CustomerID.

For example, if your CustomerID is 10051, your custom paint job file name would be:


If you have a team with a TeamID of 10943, the custom paint file name for that team would be:


More information from a member post:

• If you want to see your custom paint without uploading to TradingPaints:
Create the custom paint .tga file.
Put the .tga file in the correct folder on your computer.
File name:
Name the file car_?????.tga
Don't change "car_"
Replace "?????" with your iRacing Customer ID.
To get your ID, go to your iRacing account, it's shown top right of page.
File location:
Example for Skip Barber
Documents > iRacing > paint > rt2000
Layers, from 2013s2 release notes:
The decal layer can now be overridden with a car_decal_xx.tga file (or helmet_decal_xx.tga or suit_decal_tga).
This lets you replace the small sponsor decals, and the driver's face among other things.
You cannot override certain features such as headlight decals or logos or license stripes. if you want everyone to see your custom paint job:
Other members must also be using the TradingPaints app to see your custom paint.
You need to create a account (a free account has limitations).
iRacing forum thread for TradingPaints.  Another forum thread.
New forum thread: " Trading Paints and Team Paints (now here) "
• Colour your wheels:
Announced in iRacing's 2014s2 release notes.
You can now change the color of the wheels on the BMW Z4 GT3, Chevrolet Impala Class B, Chevrolet Impala-COT, Chevrolet National Impala, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet SS-Gen6, Ford Fusion-Gen6, Ford Mustang Class B, McLaren MP4-12C GT3, Ruf RT 12R AWD, Ruf RT 12R C-Spec, Ruf RT 12R RWD, Ruf RT 12R Track Super Late Model, Toyota Camry-Gen6.
Update 2014s3 release notes, cars added: Mazda MX5, Skip Barber Formula 2000, Legends Ford '34 Coupe, and Street Stock.
Update 2015s2 release notes, cars added: Cadillac CTS-V Racer, SCCA Spec Ford Racer.
Is this all of them? I don't remember checking.
iRacing's "Car Painting Page" - screenshot.
• Check your paints in sim without your wheel/pedals connected:
Instead of using a  mouse which means changing configuration settings.
Brass Monkey on iOS/Android can control your car without changing settings.
To leave your normal configuration untouched, don't configure any driving controls.
• iRacing's How To videos:

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