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Brass Monkey for iRacing
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iRacing no longer supports Brass Monkey
The replacement can do much more....

LOGITECH ARX: moved to ARX_Logitech



(I last used Brass Monkey 10 June 2015, it should be kaput now).

March 2015: Brass Monkey END SUPPORT announcement by Steve M.
"I know that there are a fair number of you that have been using the Brass Monkey app as a second screen but unfortunately we are going to end support of this feature. We had a contract with a third party developer for this product and due to changes they are making on their side have decided to go in a different direction.

The good news is that we are working on an alternative application for this purpose and hope to have it available in the near future. We will provide you more information about the replacement when we have it closer to release."
Note: I strongly recommend racing with a steering wheel and pedal set.
My uses for BM: a new digital display on WiFi device; controller for painting purposes.
Don't configure any driving controls while Brass Monkey is your driving controller, your normal config should remain untouched.
Based on iRacing's 2014s2 release notes.
Update: Brass Monkey Support thread
  • iRacing now using Brass Monkey engine -
  • iOS app from iTunes. Android app from Google Play.
  • After install:
    * Launch Brass Monkey client on your phone or tablet.
    * I clicked "sign up later" - as later as later can be thanks.
    * Join an iRacing session.
    * Click the iRacing link on Brass Monkey to connect.
    * Click the steering wheel or HUD icon upper left corner to switch between driving controls and HUD.
       (iRacing said right corner - on iPhone I see a "gear" top right to disconnect/exit).
  • If it doesn't work: check your WiFi device is on the same network as your computer.
  • The BM app tool bar offers Touch or Tilt (steering). Drive or Reverse (forward or reverse gears).
  • iRacing in-game options have a setting for Tilt Steering. I haven't investigated it.
  • App.ini tweak: [Brass Monkey] BMAllowDrive=1 allows you to enable or shut off the driving controls.
After quick testing to understand BMAllowDrive:
Keep in mind this is a controller or HUD.
With default setting BMAllowDrive=1, I joined a session with G27 connected, then connected Brass Monkey.
While the HUD was displayed, the G27 operated as normal.
When the controller was displayed, the G27 did not function (my iPhone became the controller).
If only using the HUD, I suggest disabling the driving controls, BMAllowDrive=0.

app.ini located in documents/iRacing/.
Don't edit the file while sim is open or it will overwrite your changes.
Make a safe copy of the file before editing.
Brass Monkey originally reported by InsideSimRacing in March 2014 - article includes screenshots.

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