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iRacing RADIO CHANNELS - voice and text
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Information sourced from iRacing release notes

2016s4 from release notes:
  • - Toggle support has been added for Mute and Scan Radio commands.
    - - "@!mute" will toggle the Radio Mute on and off.
  • - Fixed an issue where an open text chat window would sometimes steal focus at session boundaries.
2016s3 post with current commands:
  • Here are the strings for the radio commands

    "@help <command> - where command is one of the following:"
    "help ? list add remove mute unmute transmit scan noscan"

    "@list - list active channels"

    "@add <name> - add a new channel to your radio, creating it if needed"

    "@remove <name> - remove a channel from your radio"

    "@mute <name> - mute a radio channel"

    "@unmute <name> - unmute a channel"

    "@transmit <name> - select the channel to transmit on"

    "@scan - enable scanning all channels"

    "@noscan - disable scanning of mutable channels"

    "@eject <name> - eject your spotter and add them to your ban list"

    "@available [<driver>] - list available channels, optionally show only channels driver is a member of"

    "@respond - set the last recieved channel as the transmit channel"

    "@pchat <name> - Open a private voice chat channel to the specified driver"

    Also note this post July 2016:

    I got bored today and put this code in.
    It needs some testing still but you should be able to add the toggle command to the mute and scan commands,
    so !mute would toggle mute on and off and !scan would toggle scan on and off.
    For completeness I also added in the invert sine so you can say -mute (which is identical to unmute).
  • If you change "playback" device in the sim options, you need to exit the session and rejoin.
  • Voice chat not working: Login to your account
    Check "Connection type" near bottom of account page isn't set to "dialup". No longer an issue per post (11/2015).
  • Also see "sound hiccups" on Sim-errors page.
• 2015s3 I stumbled onto a new(?) context menu
    Click on the driver's name while they are talking.
    Options I saw: Mute driver. PM driver (adds command to chat box). Eject spotter.
• 2015s1 added F10
    There is a new Radio Black Box accessed via F10 from both in-car and out-of-car.
• 2014s4 new default channel @allteams
   New automated scripts:

    - readme.txt in Documents/iRacing/scripts/radio folder explains automating radio.
      As it may change without notice, I haven't added it here.

      What I've changed:
    - In StartSpotting.txt I removed "mute @allteams" in theory so I can hear the other teams.
    - In Launch.txt I added "add @ed" so the channel ed is created when I join the session.
2014s4 release notes excerpt.
Racing Radio (Voice Chat)

Your racing radio has been updated to better support Team Driving.
Transmission on the @drivers channel is now limited to only people that are currently driving their team's car.

To facilitate communication between teams, a new @allteams channel has been added.
Any team member may transmit on this channel.
This is the most "public" channel on your radio.

Your racing radio now supports a scripting system.
The first time you run the simulation after updating to the 2014 Season 4 (or later) build,
it will create within My Documents iRacing a folder named "scripts", and within that folder one named "radio".
Within that folder, it will create a readme.txt that details how to customize the system,
as well as the default set of scripts.

Briefly, scripts will be executed when certain actions are performed (starting the simulation, getting in/out of the car, starting/stopping spotting).
Within these scripts, you can alter your radio's configuration (add/remove channels, turn scanning on/off, mute/unmute all channels, or specific channels, and change the transmitter to a particular channel).
For example, when you start driving, you might want to mute the @allteams channel, to reduce the distractions.

In addition to the global set of scripts, you can add team-specific scripts (named using the team's numeric ID).
If both scripts for a particular action exist, the two scripts are combined, with the global script first and the team-specific script after it.
@allteams is the default channel
The following was written when @drivers was default

You can add your own radio channel per session.
Voice and text chat are on the same channel you set (@drivers by default).
In Options > Sound, assign keys to "Next Channel" "Previous Channel"
Use the assigned keys to cycle channels, eg mine are...

Change size of notifications: Options > Sound > Notification drop down
To keep radio name on screen, 'OPTIONS' > 'DRIVE', enable "display radio info".

Channel names:
• begin with the @ symbol, and can include letters,
• can be letters, digits, and the - symbol.
• are converted to all upper case thus not case sensitive.
• can be up to 15 characters.

Type command in the text box.

@add <NAME>
Eg @add TEST
Adds the channel named @TEST and becomes your active channel.
Anyone that knows the name @TEST can join it.
Only people in @TEST can hear what you say or type.
You can hear @drivers while in @test
To talk to people on the main @drivers channel, you need to join @drivers.

@help :will list the commands.
@help command (eg @help list) :will show help for the command.

@remove <name>
Eg @remove @TEST  (or @remove TEST)
Will remove @TEST from your radio.
All custom channels are removed at any of session

@transmit <name>  
Will switch your transmitter to the channel. If you do not have permission to transmit on the channel,
the transmitter will not be changed.  
@mute <name> 
Will mute the channel. You will no longer see any text chat, or hear any voice chat sent on the channel.
Some channels can not be muted. 
@unmute <name> 
Cancels muting on the specified channel. 
Turns off scanning for any channels on your radio that you are allowed to mute. Some channels, like
@RACECONTROL, can not be muted, and will still be scanned. 
Turns scanning back on. 
None of the changes made to your radio using the chat commands are "sticky". They are forgotten each
time you exit the simulation.   

Lists the set channels.
Each channel will be preceded by up to 4 letters.
Preceding letters tell you:
"s" means the channel is being scanned by your radio. 
"t" means you can transmit on this channel. 
"m" means you have muted this channel. 
"a" is your active channel for transmitting.

Pre-set channels.
@ADMIN - For server admins to talk among themselves only.
@RACECONTROL - Server admins to talk to everyone.
@DRIVERS - Equivalent to the "old" radio for everyone.
@SPECTATORS - Spectators can text and voice chat among themselves.
@CLUB - A separate channel specifically for each club.
@TEAM - A separate channel specifically for each team.
@PRIVATE - Each person that connects to the server will have their own private channel. You must scan
your own private channel. Private text chat messages are sent to you on your @PRIVATE channel.
Anyone can private text chat to you, and only server admins can voice chat to you. 

Server admins can always scan and talk on any channel, provided they know the channel name.

Your radio will come pre-configured with a particular set of channels, depending on how you registered
for the server, and your rights on the server:
• If you are a driver in the session you will scan the @DRIVERS, @TEAM, @CLUB, @RACECONTROL, and
your own @PRIVATE channels. 
• If you are a spotter for a driver in the session, you will scan the @TEAM, @RACECONTROL, and your
own @PRIVATE channels. 
• If you are a spectator you will scan the @SPECTATORS, @RACECONTROL, and your own @PRIVATE
• All server admins will scan the @ADMIN channel.

Since it would be difficult to understand what is being said if several people talk at the same time on
different channels, you will only hear one person speaking at a time. The radio channels have priorities.
Your radio will automatically silence someone speaking on one channel if someone starts speaking on a
higher-priority channel. For example, if you are hearing someone speak on @DRIVERS and one of your
teammates starts talking on your @TEAM channel, your teammate's message will take priority.
Channels are ordered as follows, from highest to lowest priority:

@<user created> 

<car number>  your-message
  • send any driver a private message (using car's assigned number not car position)
  • Eg.  /#99 hello
  • Eg.  /99 hello (without #)

  • send any driver a private message
  • Eg.  /john.smith hello
  • Eg.  /john hello
  • Eg.  /smith hello

     • Name represents the beginning portion of a name so bob matches on bob or bobby    
     • you can string together multiple names using '.' to replace spaces so b.brown could match 'bob brown'    
     • Names must be specified sufficiently to give a unique result.    
     • If two names conflict but one is an exact match than that name is used. This is so bob.brown and bobby.brown can be differentiated.    
     • The # symbol is optional to help make things faster.
R (type R or r) from either the driving screen or the session screen
 • the name of the last person to private message you will appear so you can respond
 • note for session screen: push ESC first to get cursor out of box before pushing r.

2015s2 member page voice chat removed by iRacing
VOICE AND CHAT via iRacing Members page: > Dashboard > under Community section, click General Discussion
Important. When the app opens, set up your sound devices: Options > Audio
Screen shot of where to find link
Quick Reference Sheet

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