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A lap at iRacing's Lime Rock Park (LRP) in the Skip Barber
Quick link to tell others:
  • For Mx5 drivers:
    New generation MX5 deployed 2016s2 / March 2016.
    My comments below refer to the old model MX5.

    Visit the Rookie Road Racing Cars forum section and Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup forum section.
    The notes below are very similar to driving the MX5 Cup (left hand drive) at LRP.
    The MX5 Roadster has 1 less gear and is right hand drive.
    (The MX5 is also known as Miata).

  • Skip drivers:
    For more information and forum links - see Setup-Skip.
Replays at bottom
Lap time 57.0  2013s4
iRacing WR at time of writing 56.7

2016s2 I set a WR 56.785 
Note weather plays a role now too
iRacing's scanned track layout below. (LRP has since upgraded and altered the track).

Lime Rock Park
Lime Rock Park website
My notes:
Originally written 2013s3.
2015s1 driving SRF: still using notes below resulted in fastest practice time for season.
Note: from 2014s1 varying weather affects lap times from session to session.
(Related information Weather| Dynamic tracks).
  • Approach to T1. Brake point before 2 marker. Down to 4th gear.
    Some drivers seem to spin T1 leading to a wreck-fest.
    If you have gone into T1 too hot and about to spin, you could try:
    ease up on the gas and gently steer into the grass and stabilise the car to re-join track.
    You will lose a few seconds but may avoid major carnage and get to finish the race.
    (Reminder: don't keep practicing 1 line, learn to manage the whole track).
  • T1 to T2.
    If I enter T1 properly, I prefer to lift off gas and coast in 4th till approaching entry into T2 where I hit 3rd gear and plant it.
    Applicable anywhere... I may feather the gas or dab the brake to keep the car balanced.
    I generally use the wheel to point direction, then the pedals to rotate.
    Take note of smooth steering inputs - if I keep turning I am probably going in too hot.
    Going in too hot will cause understeer potentially slowing forward momentum & scrubbing tyres.
    If you need to keep yanking on the wheel, you are probably overdriving too.
  • T3 left hander (still in 3rd gear).
    It's the only left hander on the track.
    Watch pedal inputs on entry.
    A bit of brake for stability, ease off gas on entry and coast around.
    It may be necessary to sacrifice a bit of speed T3 to ensure you keep left on exit.
    Must keep to the left on exit of T3 to prepare for a fast entry/exit T4.
    T4 is the gateway to the rest of a fast lap.
    Some drivers typically dive into T3 too hot ultimately pushing wide and slow.
    This opens a passing opportunity for others, especially with the resulting slower exit out of T4
    In a race don't enter T3 too wide which leaves the door open for a dive bomb.
  • Concrete strips around corners (on roadway) are said to have more grip, keep outside wheels on them.
  • Entry into T4 right hander (still 3rd gear).
    Weight transfer can easily work against you and push you wide off-track.
    If going wide, ease up on gas to allow it to pull back in.
    You will see I had a very slight lift for this reason.
    Keep car balanced with good entry line from T3.
    Run along the face of inside strip without mounting it.
    At exit of T4 I upshift to 4th till the last corner.
  • T5 right hand uphill.
    On approach to T5 is a tree on the left, my reference point.
    (For a driver still building confidence, it is a good place to lift off and coast).
    Half way between the tree and the corner I lift off gas and dab brake to help rotation (if too hot) to coast around corner.
    If you are not going over the infamous crest in a straight line, lift off the gas to keep the car grounded.
    (Being in the air can be slower especially when destabilising the car).
  • T6 bend.
    On approach to T6 (3/4 of the way past uphill) the road has a dark patch.
    (Not seeing the dark patch may relate to graphic settings / options).
    This is my reference point, my lift off is now closer to the bend.
    (For a driver still building confidence, the start of dark patch it is a good place to lift off and coast).
    For T6 I turn the wheel slightly, dab the brake for rotation, coast through bend.
    Turning in too early can be deadly also too hot will push you wide and over the strip on exit with a wall eagerly waiting for you.
  • T7 last corner definitely not my favourite.
    As I hit the dip at the bottom of the hill, point wheel, quick lift off gas and rotating.
    If you have to keep turning in, you are probably too hot and understeering off to the never never.
    Through T7 I drop my wheels into the gutter running along the face of the inside rumble strip.
    If you hit your mark and drop wheels into the gutter it will help you rotate and help you aim for the far end of rumble strip (on left) on exit.
    While exiting, look ahead where tyre wall ends (on left)... that's where you want to be heading, not the dirt before it.
    I hold 4th gear till approx 6200 RPM along the straight before shifting into 5th.
Skip setup at the time:
138 kpa (20 psi) all around. 5 SPO (Spring Perch Offset). 8 ARB. 11 lite (3 gal). 56 BB (Brake Bias).
As the tyre model evolves each season, anything may change.
There is more to be said and many differing views, also many detailed walk-throughs on the forum.
Techniques I learnt at LRP as an iRacing rookie in the Mx5 I've applied elsewhere too.
Most importantly, excessive braking with hot entries will only slow you down.
Some drivers prefer to maintain some throttle to avoid lift-off over-steer.
iSpeed is a terrific analytical app. Links and info on my iSpeed page.
Shown below, Skip Barber lap time 57.0 2013s4 (WR at the time was 56.7).
By contrast, my best lap on record in iRacing's Mx5 Cup: 58.470 2012 s2 fastest lap in practice.

Good racing dictates good race-craft (I'd argue car-craft too); not necessarily raw speed.
Pointless being fast if you don't finish the race... don't over-drive it.

Recorded with iPhone.
Chase view
Cockpit view
Alternative lines - no I'm not serious.

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